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5 Factor to use article as SEO Tools

There are techniques  that you can use to promote your rank on search engines and increase visitor to your blog or website. Writing and submitting articles are the best way among them. We tried to describe here why you should use article as seo tools for generate traffic.


Factor 1: Keyword Targeting


Article writing and submitting  is powerful in SEO because it helps you to use many related keywords and phrases that apply to your niche. If you know all your targeted keywords, you can use those keywords  in your articles. The articles you submited that have your keywords will get picked up by search engines such that when people surfing the internet type in these keywords, your website or blog must comes up. You can rank high on search engines for all your keywords through the articles that you write and submit on the internet.


Factor 2 : Long Term Result


Article writing brings long term results in search engine optimization. All the articles that you write are submitted and archived on the article directories in which they are published. This means that all your articles can be read by anyone and can still drive traffic to your website and will continue deliver traffic for long term. Unlike other tools of driving traffic to your website, articles bring long term and most targeted visitor.


Factor 3 : Create Quality Backlinks


Articles also help to create many links to your website or blog, which  can highly improves your website popularity rank and ultimately drives large volume of traffic to your website. If you write high quality and unique articles, your articles will get published by many websites and e-zines, hence increasing back links to your website. Having many links pointing back to your website is important as it improves the position of your website on search engines.


Factor 4: Affordable SEO


Articles are an affordable SEO technique. Writing and submitting articles is not very expensive. You also can write your own articles or you can hire a freelancer to write for you. You can manually submit your articles or you can use some software to automatically submit your article to many directories. Generally, use of articles to improve your position on search engines is not expensive and anyone can afford it.


Factor 5 : Viral Promotion


Quality article can help to promote your product by viral marketing. When user find your article as useful, they must share it to different social media and this sharing help to get more exposure from your article.



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