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Analysis traffic of your website

Traffic of a website is refers to the visitors of a website. The main purpose of creating a website is to represent some data or article to its visitor or to provide any services or goods to the customer. A webmaster must have sufficient knowledge about analysis of the visitors of his website. The success of a website depends on its proper marketing and management. Visitor is the main judge to justify about your website. It is not required to say about your site by visitor. Visitor trends will say everything.


Like the other business , online business is now an established form of business. Visitors is the main and most important variable of the ecommerce or online web based business. You must have to know how you will get information about your website form the traffic or visitor trends. Some important indicator of traffic analysis is given here.


Use an analytics software or google analytics for get the traffic trends. To analyze a website traffic you must have to hold some basic chart or data . You will get this data from an analytics. You can use any built is website analysis tools or you use google analytics to get the visitor trend and the required data.


Following indicator data is required to analyze website traffic:


# Daily Visit : It is the total visit of your website. If one visitor visit more than once it will count here. It is indicator of your website activity.


# Unique Visitor : Unique visitor refers to visit from a single IP in a day. It does not include if anyone visit twice or more in a single day.


#Total Page View: It is the count of daily page displayed. It is another main indicator of traffic analysis. High page viewed website is the popular website in general. Relation between website and visitor reflect in the total page view.


# Average Page View: It is counted by dividing the total page view by the total number of unique visitors. It reflects average response of your content by the visitors.


# Average Visit Duration: It indicate the time visitor stay on your website. If visitor feel interest ,he will stay more times.So, you can understand the visitors response to your website by this indicator.


# Bounce Rate: Bounce Rate is another important indicator for a website. Its indicate the visitor expectation and satisfaction on your website. If a visitor visit your page and exit within 10 second, it considered as bounce rate is 100 percent. That means , visitors do not satisfied about your website content, style or articles. 30 to 40 percent is considered as a good bounce rate. High Bounce rate is alarming for  a webmaster. You have to try make bounce rate as low as possible.


# New visit and Returning visit: This is refer that a visitor of your website is a new visitor or he visits your website earlier before. Returning visitors can considered as a permanent visitors of a website. If you make a visitor fully satisfied only then he would visit your website again. You should monitor it very carefully.


#Frequency and Recency of Visit : frequency and recency is another most important traffic analysis indicator. It shows that ,within some specific interval how much visit is occurred by a single visitor. How frequently he visits your website.


# Engagement of visitors: Engagement of a visitors shows that ,how much time he spent on your websire or how many visitor stay on your website for how much time. Its help you to understand the real engagement of visitor with your website.


#Location of visit : It is another important factor for traffic trends analysis. Because , If you find that from your visitor, a specific region’s visitors have dominating participation , you can specialized your website for that zone. So that ,it will be easy to promote and marketing your website.



Why traffic analysis is important:

To create a successful website, you must have to analyze your traffic .It help your to promote your website .You can understand your visitors interest by analyze the traffic of your website. You can determine visitor trend and develop your website by that way. It also help you to predict your website future by trends analysis.

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