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Consider before purchase a hosting plan

Hosting is the virtual place where your website will exist. To establish or set up a website you must have to host your website on a web hosting platform. You can use free hosting also. There is a lot of free hosting provider. But, free service are very low quality in most of times , even they impose a lot of restriction on their free hosting plan. It is impossible to run a professional website in a free host. But, it is also a tough task to find good paid hosting. There are a lot of facts that impact on your website performance.


You should consider some basic point when to choose a hosting plan to purchase. It is not an easy task to change a host if they can not satisfy you. So it is far better to be aware before purchase a hosting plan.


#  Server Status:

It is the basic power of the server where you are going to host your website. Check out the server CPU, RAM, and HDD . If you are going to purchase a shared hosting, do not forget to ask the question that, how many website will be hosted in a single server maximum? Ask about the php memory limit of that server. If php memory is less than 128 mb ,than try to change this option.


# Hosting Plan Choose:

You should choose such a hosting plan that can met your requirements for your website. It depends on, how much web space required to host your website. Another important fact is bandwidth. In general your bandwidth should 20 times of your required web space. Bandwidth  depends on website traffic. If your traffic increases fast you have to change the plan. It is better to choose an unlimited plan at first. It will keep you free from hassle.


#Website Uptime:

It refers to the possibility to up or activate your host service. It is very tough to provide 100 percent uptime for any server. But, uptime must not be less than 99 percent.


# Review about the hosting provider:

It is one of the most important fact you should consider before choose a host.

Do not convinced by the advertisement provided by the company. Search on google and read the review of other person about the hosting company. Read review on third parties website and from different forum .If you see that, maximum client is satisfied about the service of that company, you may go to purchase.


# Customer Support:

Do you think, why this red? Yes mate, it’s the most important fact for any hosting provider. You may face any problem regarding host your website on their server, you may need any technical or general support to host your website. So, consider the customer support before choosing a company. You also should think about the supporting way of the hosting provider. Which type customer support they provide, email support, phone support or chat support? How many hours in a day? 24X7 or 8X7?


# Control Panel or User Interface:

You should consider about the control panel or the user interface of the hosting providing company. Do this hosting company provide c-panel or other free control panel to you. C-Panel is paid and more user friendly.It is easy to operate. There are some other control panel which is free but is not easy to operate.


# Hosting Feature:

Hosting feature is the special service provided by the hosting company. Actually it is make a hosting company different from others. These also known as add on feature of hosting. Some company provide auto installer, and many scripts online to make a online website easily.


# Price of hosting:

Price is also a fact to choose a hosting company. It is not the most important factor. It is not possible to provide quality service at lowest cost. But ,you have to capable to bear the cost of hosting. If you purchase for a longer time ,you will get this at lower price. At most case 1$ or 2$ hosting does not provide quality hosting. Try to purchase a high  quality hosting service from a reputed hosting provider.

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