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Content Delivery Network [ CDN ] / Content Delivery Server

The content delivery network is a system to distribute the website content from different data center throughout the world. The CDN service providers have different data center or server throughout the world and the provide the required data or content to visitor from their nearest data center. It makes the website performance faster to the user.


For the large blog or website it is impossible even for a dedicated server to serve the website content to a large number of visitor at a same time. CDN can solve this problem and make it possible to those website. Social networking website also need CDN to run their website with user satisfaction.


How CDN makes a website performance faster:


CDN is the content delivery network, which takes your website content to their server and serve to visitors when they browsing the website. CDN takes your website content and makes copy of that to different data center throughout the world. Let consider an example, A CDN provider has seven data center to seven country : USA, UK, Spain , Germany , India, Franch and Bangladesh. When you become a member of this CDN they make seven copy of your website content to all of their data center. When a visitor from Franch visit your website the CDN provide the website content from the Franch data center , again when a user visit the website from USA it will provide website content from USA data center. This make your website performance faster and more user friendly.


Why should use CDN:


To make your website performance faster you should use CDN. It also minimize your server load and bandwidth uses. Again when a lot of user visit user website your server may down for load, CDN protect you from this incident. For rich media sharing and big file sharing can increase your server load for that it may not available for other visitors. CDN make you safe form that type of incident. CDN also increase your website security. It protect your web content being hacked.


Who should use CDN and who should not use it:


CDN is must for large website for better performance. But, it should not applicable for all types of website. Specially for bank or other financial service provider who need real time data transfer should not use CDN. Website that use online scripts run from server also should not use CDN.

CDN is must for large blog , article sharing , image and video sharing website, E-commerce website and  Social media .



Which one is the best CDN Provider?


There is a lot of CDN service provider. But, not all provider have same efforts to provider quality service. The quality depends on the number of server throughout the world and the RAM of the server. By considering all of this , the best CDN service provider is MAXCDN . They provide lot of feature at lowest cost comparing to others. I know a lot of large website who use MAXCDN and satisfied by their service. Some of them,  try other CDN provider earlier , but they have very bad experience with them.

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