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Improve alexa ranking of a website

Alexa is a web information company ownd by e-bay. Alexa represents different statistics based on different data of a website. This website helps all to get a clear concept about any website.It has different index to categorize all of these websites within a system.


Mainly alexa represent the traffic data of any website. There are two part in alexa ranking.One is your website performance based on traffic, organic search, pageview, time on site and another is alexa reputation ,and alexa review.


The first thing about alexa ranking is your website performance based on traffic, which takes long time and SEO to improve. If you optimize your website for search engine properly, you will get traffic from search engine that improve your alexa rank.


And then come to the second thing, which you can improve more easily. Your website reputation on alexa and website review on alexa also can improve alexa rank of your website. Following activities can rank up your website rank on alexa. It helps you to get higher traffic also.


#Create an account on alexa and claim your website:


To get response from alexa you should have an account on alexa. You can maintain a paid account package for better response, otherwise you should have minimum a free account on alxa. Do not forget to claim your website on alexa.


# Increase your website reputation:


You should try to increase your website reputation on alexa. Th question may arise in your mind, that how can you increase your reputation on alexa? This is very simple , you have to connect your website, with the other member website of alexa. You have to get back link from that website. You may get back link by commenting, forum posting , article submitting, directory listing or any other way. Every alexa member website can give you only one reputation. If you post three or four back link, it also considered as one from a single website.


# Alexa Review:


Review on alexa about your website also can improve your alexa rank. In general, one member can post only on review for a website. Motivate your visitors to post review about your website on alexa.


# Use Alexa Widget:


You should use alexa widget on your website to view your alexa position to your visitors. It may motivate your user to view your website from alexa .That can increase your alexa rank.


-these attempts may increase your alexa performance that may improve your alexa rank. The alexa rank mainly represents the website traffic, therefore high traffic can jump up your rank on alexa. Online advertising can also help you to increase traffic as well as rank on alexa.

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