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Increase conversion by optimizing mobile landing page

The question is not anymore whether a brandname or business should engage in mobile optimized SEO or not. Now, the question is, how well did it is performed by you?

Undeniably, the usage of Smartphones and mobile Internet is one the rise and by considering the numbers, it appears that this momentum is going to escalate in the next indefinite number of years. It is then essential for online marketers not only to generate mobile web traffic, but to increase conversions also. Previous researches have exposed that internet surfers make purchase decisions faster when using mobile devices versus when they are employing their computers.

Made for Mobile versus Mobile-Friendly

Both terms above are often used interchangeably when online marketers talk about optimizing landing pages to increase conversion rates. However, there’s a big difference. Mobile-friendly sites are web properties which can be viewed without issues using a mobile device. All websites which were coded after the Internet Explorer 6 are mobile-friendly. Thus, mobile-friendly web pages do not really make an impact.

On the other hand, web pages which are created for mobile are really the superstars of mobile SEO and conversion optimization. Because the term suggests, they are web pages and landing pages created for the on-the-go users specifically. These sites fulfill the nuances and are usually in line with the search and buying behaviors of internet surfers when they surfing the web using their smartphones or tablets.

How exactly to Optimize Landing Web pages for Mobile Conversion

Not having an idea or strategy on what you can increase conversion rates across the mobile platforms means losing thousands in revenue possibilities. Here are a few tips that will help drive your cellular SEO strategy and generate increased sales from the on-the-go market:

1. Size matters. Be sure that your entire squeeze page can be seen without the need to zoom or for users to scroll extensively. Maintain your call to action on a prominent position on the squeeze page.

2. Content prioritization. No fuss, Due to the limited space, you can’t have too many elements on your own mobile landing page. End up being straightforward and focus on components that are which can increase conversion rates.

3. Two terms: Responsive Design. This will allow your cellular landing pages to automatically adapt to the screen size of these devices being used by way of a particular internet consumer. Getting a distorted site as the page won’t match on the display is a huge turn-off and is really a no-no in mobile SEO. Also, ensure that your landing pages automatically resize for both scenery and portrait views.

4. Speed is vital. Again, mobile internet surfers want information now and they want it fast. Get rid of design elements that may slow down your landing page’s load time.

5. Have them while they’re near. Ensure that your landing pages are designed in such a way that they can detect the positioning of the web user and provide exclusive content or offers that he or she can get in your store or shop nearby.

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