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Joomla website optimization

Joomla is one of the most uses CMS platform. This platform is used by million of people. You can make different type of website through joomla. You can use joomla platform to make a blog, an ecommerce or a simple personal website.You can add different feature in your website by using different plugging , component or module.But to get better performance from this platform,you have to make it well managed in content and other features. Some ways to make your joomla website more faster is given here.It will help you to optimize your joomla website:


1# Keep short content in your joomla home page.


2# Enable joomla chche from joomla admin panel


3# Do not use high loaded module, plugging.


4# Remove unwanted module, plugging or component.


5# Use component or plugging to zip your database and site content to make more faster your joomla website.


6# Do not use built in analytics or auto run scripts.


7# Do not show more content in your home page .


8# Use a template which is light in weight.

9# Do not give more external link from your website.


10# Use jpeg,gif or png formatted image in website.

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