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Most Common SEO mistakes to avoid

Traffic is the blood for any website. If you have a website or blog, you may already feel this importance of traffic. Without having traffic your website or blog has no value. But,targeted visitors are the most important for any website . It’s the only thing that really matters for any website or blog. without having targeted visitor in your site you can not be able to generate any sales or your visitor will also not come again to your site.
So, you must have to generate quality and targeted traffic or visitor to your website . The main and major source of generating traffic for any website or blog is the search engine. You also can use other source like advertising as cost per click or sponsored but,it will cost higher.You may also try search engine marketing but this will cost more expensive method. Many website or blog owners do not understand the importance of search engine optimization, which leads to traffic. They place more importance on designing a “pretty” or ” beautiful ” website. This is not less important but more important is search engine optimization. There is some common SEO mistake that happens to most of webmaster, you may know this by reading this article and avoid for your webiste or blog.

Factor 1 : Keyword Density

Keyword should use effectively . This it the most important for site design. You should post right keyword to target potential customer for your website. But ,over use of keyword may hamper your search ranking. Keyword should not use more than 4 % of your content. Also you should use targeted keyword for your niche.

Factor 2 : Repeating Keywords

Repeating the same keywords may harm your ranking. If you use the same keywords over and over again (called keyword stacking) the search engines may downgrade (or skip) the page or site. You can use your targeted keyword by different form.

Factor 3 : Copy website from another site

Robbing pages from other websites is very bad.

How many times have you heard or read that “this is the Internet and it’s ok” to steal icons and text from websites to use on your site. Don’t do it. Its one thing to learn from others who have been there. The search engines are really smart enough to detect page duplication. They also make your website blacklisted and never list you on search database.

Factor 4 : Non-relevent keyword use

You should not use keywords that are not related to your website.

Many unethical website owners try to gain search engine visibility by using keywords that have nothing at all to do with their website. However, since the keyword is popular, they think this will boost their visibility. This technique is considered spam by the search engines and may cause the page (or sometimes the whole site) to be removed from the search engine listing.
Factor 5 : Keyword Stuffing

Somewhat like keyword stacking listed above, this means to assign multiple keywords to the description of a graphic or layer that appears on your website by using the “alt=” HTML parameter. If the search engines find that this text does not really describe the graphic or layer it will be considered spam.
Factor 6 : Relying on hidden text
You may think, search engine spider will ignore your hidden text or link. But you are totally wrong!!!…Search engine spider or crawler will read any hidden or visable text or links.So,you should not try to to hide those keywords or keyword phrases by making them invisible.
Factor 7: Relying on small text
You should not try to hide your keywords or keyword phrases by making them tiny or short. Setting the text size of the keywords so small that it can barely be seen does this.

Factor 8 : Considering all search engines are the same
Many webmasters consider all search engine run by same rules. This is not true. Each and every search engine has their own rule base and it can be changed by any time.Webmaster should optimize their website for major search engine to get maximum traffic.
Factor 9 : FREE web hosting

You should not use free website for your serious and money manking website. They are another source of spam so, search engine may not crawl your site too!!!

Factor 10 : Be aware about missing web page components and dead links

Make sure to check every page in your website is completed. Means,there is no missing links or dead links, images, etc. There are many website to provide this missing content finding service for free.

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