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Online payment security

Security is the most important fact about online payment. Some issue make your online payment in risk. So, try to not doing any irrelevant task that makes risky your hard earning money.

If you consider following fact it could make your online money safer.


1# Do not share your credit or debit cart information to other.


2# Do not share payment information of your card when you register to any website.


3# Use different mail address and password for your online payment way .Do not use this email and password to any other issue.


4# Must use payment gateway to pay your merchant. Do not try to pay direct to merchant.


5# Use payment gateway which is safe, secured and trusted by well known online verification company.


6# Must confirm that the URL of your payment gateway starts with “ https:// ”.


7# Do not save your password and email with browser internal system, because it can be hacked.

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