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Spyware and Malware protection for website

Spyware and Malware are the most common word in the internet and computer world. These are the threat for computer system and computer date.


Spyware is the software that silently collect the information from your computer or system and sent it to its master. Generally, it collects information from your browser cache, or from your system. Spyware mainly  used for advertisement purpose. It is a great threat to your computer. Spyware is dangerous because it collect your username, password, credit card information and other sensitive data saved on your browser or your system.


Then come to Malware, Malware is a software includes is software designed to infiltrate or damage a computer without your consent. Malware includes computer viruses, worms, trojan horses that can damage your system. It can be present on email, website , downloaded content .It is the main thread for the web surfer. When they brows a website, they can be affected by Malware. The one and only way to protect the system from Malware is anti-virus software. Good antivirus software can protect you from Malware.

How a system get affected by Spyware and Malware:


When a visitor visit a website that is hacked by hackers and inject Malware and Spyware by them, the system get affected by Malware and Spyware .You may also get affected by these from any downloaded content. Generally , hacked hack a website and its content and inject their Malware and Spyware software with your webpage. When you visit the website, it is downloaded to your browser and the program automatically run.



Spyware and Malware both are dangerous for the visitor of a website. Therefore website should be free from Malware and Spyware. Otherwise it will be blacklisted by google and other search engine. You will loose your website visitor and rank. Again, web browser also does not allow visitor to visit your website. So, It harms a lot for you and for your business.


How to protect a website from Malware and Spyware:


There are different way to protect your website from Malware and Spyware. The main attempt to protect your website is to protect the hacker to hack your website, its content and the database. The primary step to protect hacker is chosen a secured host. But now the hackers are very smart to hacking your website. Some of them have power to enter in host by their program. You can choose one of the following step to make your website more secured


  1. You can secure your website by SSL. Generally, SSL secure a website database from hacker.


  1. Set your file permission to 755 for folder and 644 for files. You should not set file and folder permission to 777.


  1. Use FTP to transfer the files to host. FTP is the secured way to transfer files.


  1. Use the latest version of platform software [Wordpress , Joomla or other platform] .And update it every time.


  1. Scan your website online by online scanner. There are different online scanners. Some of them provide free scanning facilities.

A free online scanner is . From this website you can scan your website as well as different files.


  1. There are some paid website scan service providers who provide a seal that ensure your website is free from Malware and Spyware. Generally this security certificate provider scan your website daily and confirm your website security from Malware and Spyware . Norton, Site Guard are provide online site scanning facilities.



These are some method of making your website free from Malware and Spyware. If your website is submitted on google webmaster , you will be notified by google if your site will be affected by Malware or Spyware.

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