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Submit a sitemap on google or bing

Google is the most used search engine. Almost 95 percent people use search engine to find their required things. As a webmaster or website owner, you should add your website with google to get search preview. The first step to include your website with google is to submit the sitemap.


Google has free webmaster supporting service. You can submit your website to google webmaster tools for free. The process of submit sitemap on google webmaster tools is given below:


# Create an account in  google with an email address.

# Create a webmaster account from webmasters tools of google.

# Submit your website url and and connect your website with google.

# Verify your website ownership.

# Create a XML Sitemap .You can create it online through ,online sitemap generator.

# Upload this sitemap in the root directory of your host.

#Click “Submit A Sitemap” on the webmasters tools.



This is the way to submit a sitemap in google.Then you have to wait 2-3 days  .When google boot crawl your website it will be indexed to Google. After that you will find your website on google search engine.


This process is similar to submit your website in bing webmasters tools.


Why it is important to submit a sitemap?


– Submit your sitemap is important because it directly connect your website with the search engine. You also can monitor how many page is indexed by search engine. It also help you to analyze some other webmasters tools data also. You can set your visitor target form the search engine. You can adjust your crawl rate of crawling your website.

It help you to find your web performance easily. You can check “how many website recommend you” from the webmasters tools. It also helps to find the content keyword for your website to the search engine.


Should I use auto website submission?


– There are a lot of firms who offer your to auto submit your website to different search engine. Now the question is that, is it really a good task?

For google, it is highly recommended not to submit your website my auto submitter to search engine. Google considered it as a spam. So, be careful about this. Your website might be black listed by google for this. So, do not submit your website to search engine by auto site submitter.

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