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Way to Materialize Online Business Plan

Online business plan is different from other traditional business plan. It also known as Internet business plan. It is different because of its pattern, characteristics and nature. Internet business is also known as e-commerce business. This 21st century is the era of e-commerce. In this writing, we try to discuss about a plan of e-commerce or internet business.


You may think to earn money by online business but can not find a proper way to make it done. This article show you the way to go to your destination.


The plan of any business is depends on its business pattern. There are several pattern of online business. We try to find out the basic of this business shortly.



Following step you can follow to set an online business plan / Internet Business Plan / E-Commerce business plan:


  1. Set an Idea
  2. Test it in a limited zone
  3. Set a website to implement your idea
  4. Set your way to earn
  5. Make a marketing plan
  6. Set up your management
  7. Capital
  8. Monitor and Analysis


This part is considered as basic parts of online business plan.Let see the planning part in detail:



  1. Set an Idea: Online business is mainly an idea basis business. An idea can change your life here. If you can find such a new idea, that people are searching in mind or you can show them a new world, you consider that you are hit on your business.An idea does not required that, that you must have to think it newly, you may show an application of any existing idea. like :Groupon . You also can start your business in a new idea or you can start with an common idea or existing idea. But , you have to set it first.



  1. Test it in a limited zone : After setting an idea you have to test the idea in a limited zone. It is applicable if you want to start your business with a unique and new idea. If you want to start your business with an established idea, you don’t have to test .But it is better to test that, you could make it done or not. As you have to spend your money, it is better to test it first before investing more.


  1. Set up a website to implement your online business idea: Your next step towards starting a online business is to set up a website to present your business. You have to choose a domain which represents your business. Then you have to choose a good hosting service to host your domain. You can design and program your website by yourself or by a freelancer. You also can use other platform to establish your website.Wordpress, Joomla ,Maganto are such a free platform.



  1. Set your way to earn: The most important way is that, you have to set your way to earn. You may sell any product or service through your website or you may provide any free service to make a community. Do not think that, free service is valueless. If you can build a community, you can earn through advertising. Set up your way to earn and go ahead.



  1. Make a marketing plan: You have to set a proper marketing plan to promote your business. Because, to start a business, you have to inform it to others. There is a thousand of way to promote your business. You can advertise online through different publishing network, social media or other blog or website.


  1. Set up your management: If you think your business plan can achieve its goal, you have to set up a management for your business. An efficient management can service the best to your clients. A systematic management can make a business successful.


  1. Capital: You have to use your capital efficiently. To establish and manage your website and run it you need sufficient capital. Internet business is not a capital intensive business . Its also a technical and innovative business platform. But you need capital to make it commercially successful.



  1. Monitor And Analysis: You must have to monitor your website continuously. You must have to aware about this , that your website does not contain any spyware,malware or virus .You have to use some protection to protect your website from hacker. Your database and website content should be protected. Analysis software or program should use to analyze your visitor trends, page view ,new visitor ,returning visitor etc.

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