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Website Optimization

Website Optimization refers to make your website performance better. That’s means your website need to performance faster and smoother. It is required to make a good impression of visitors. Website Optimization is also required to make your website more SEO [search engine optimization] performance or make your website more Search Engine Friendly[SEF].


Some way to optimize your website is given here. You can use different software to optimize your website, some of them you have to buy and some of them are free. Now, we are trying some way to optimize website without using any other software.


Make your home page lighter:


Home page means the main page or the index page of your website. It generally named as index.html or index.php in words.

Try to make your home page lighter. If its lighter it take low time to download the page. Give a short description about your website in your home page.As it’s the main landing page of your website, you also have to make it attractive to your visitors.But,you have to make it done by considering these facts.


Make low http request :


When your website start loading ,http requests make from your website are also loading. Its take long tome to load all the request. So, try to use low http request to make your page faster.


Use jpeg ,gif or png format image:


If you have to use image in your website, must use image in .jpeg .gif or .png format. jpeg format is recommended for image other than chart or graph.If you use any chart or graph you are recommended to use png or gif format image.It takes low space and show a better image. Try to not use any animation in your website .It makes website performance slower. In image you must have to use that resolution which suits well with your site. Image resolution size should be adjust with other content in your website.


Try to not use flash or java scripts:


Do not use flash or java scripts in your home page of your website. Flash or java scripts take more time to load. It also create a bad effect for search through search engine. If you need to use java scripts code , set in on the bottom of your page.


Use external java scripts and css rules :


It make your website faster because it makes your css rules and javascripts cashed by the browser.


Use a faster hosting service:


Hosting has a great impact on your website performance. Use an error free and faster hosting service to host your website. You must have to monitor your server performance time to time.


Use analytics to monitor and analyze your website:


You should use analytics to monitor and analyze your website. Keep your eyes on page loading time, page size and visitors action on your website. If you see suddenly that page loading time is increased, it may be a malware attack or a spyware attack in your website. Be careful about such action of your website.




Make your website secured:


You must have to make your website secured from hacker. Must sure that your webpages are free from any malware or spyware. Use security setting [ pluggin, module or other scripts] to secure your web page from phasing attack .

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